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About the service

Commercial Water Damage Restoration Services

If your business has experienced water damage, please call us immediately at (954) 242-1554. Water intrusion caused by floods, plumbing leaks, broken pipes, storms, sewage backup, and appliance malfunctions can all cause unexpected destruction in your business. A burst pipe can spread quickly throughout the building, permanently staining carpets, upholstery, books and other items. Wood furniture can easily swell, or even begin to disintegrate, while other unprotected metal surfaces can tarnish. Mold and bacteria can also grow quickly and generate unpleasant odors, in addition to putting you and your business employees at severe health risks. Water can also cause structural damage to buildings, doors, windows, frames, and walls can begin to warp or break.

Getting your commercial business cleaned up and restored back to its rightful state is our number one priority. We minimize interruptions to your business and do everything possible to keep your doors open during the restoration process so you can continue to provide for your family and employees.

Your business appearance and service speaks volumes to your clients. So when massive storms or structural damage happens, Drytek Restoration emergency restoration services has the training and expertise to help make it in perfect working order.

• Small or Large Office Buildings

• Apartment & Condo Buildings

• Restaurants

• Hotel/Motels

• Small or Large Retail Stores

• Manufacturing & Industrial