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Sinkhole Cracks & Damage Repair Services

Sinkholes can cause a lot of damage in homes, compromising the structural integrity of the whole foundation. with the increased population, accompanied by rapid construction growth and the high amounts of water being pumped from Florida's water supply, property damage due to sinkholes is increasing. If you see signs of sinkhole activity on your property, call Drytek Restoration which specializes in all types of sinkhole repairs.

Drytek Restoration, one of Florida's trusted foundation and sinkhole repairs, employs compaction grouting technology to stabilize foundations repair structural damages caused by sinkholes, which are so prevalent in the state. What makes sinkholes particularly terrifying is the fact that the surface land can remain intact, with no signs of sinkhole acidity until the support underground is gone and the ground suddenly collapse into a huge pit, without warning.

Our Professional, highly trained experts will inspect and fix your home's foundation with minimal disruption to your yard and home, in a quick and clean courteous manner. With Drytek Restoration, you can always expect quality solutions and world class customer service.