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Water Damaged Flooring Repair Services

When your wood floor gets exposed to water, you need to act fast. Wood floors that absorb water, either through flooding or excess humidity, can buckle or cup if not treated immediately. The only way to save your hardwood floors is to remove the water and dry them as quickly as possible. Using high-tech drying equipment, our water damage repair technicians will completely remove the moisture from your wood flooring.

Water Damaged Floor Drying & Water Damage Repair Experts

Damage to hardwood floors can occur in less than a day after water intrusion, so it’s crucial that you call Drytek Restoration right away to prevent any damage to your floors. Wood floors are particularly hard to dry, and if it’s done improperly can lead to permanent water damage or mold growth.

When you call Drytek Restoration, we guarantee we will respond to your water damage emergency within 40 minutes to begin the process of water extraction, floor drying, and water damage repairs.

Our Water Damage Floor Restoration Services:

• Floor Drying

• Water Damage Extraction and Repair

• Wood Floor Cupping and Buckling Repair

• Flooded Home Cleanup

When your wood floors are affected by flooding or water damage, it’s important to take immediate action to extract any standing water, remove water from underneath the floorboards, and dry the floors until a normal moisture level is maintained.