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About the service

Storm Damage Repair, Cleanup & Recovery

The #1 Cause of Insurance claims in Florida is water damage. Statewide, there have been 978,767 claims filed, including 823,733 involving residential properties following Hurricane Irma. The storm caused an estimated $9.7 billion in insured losses, according to data from the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation

Storm damage repair, cleanup and recovery is a massive task. How long it will take depends on the extent of the damage and accessibility to the problematic areas. Drytek Restoration storm damage repair services can ensure its done right. More importantly, upon insurance approval, we can help expedite your claims significantly.

What is involved in storm damage repair and cleanup?

• Temporarily securing your roof, windows, doors and any other openings

• Water extraction, cleanup and dryout

• Mold remediation

• Damaged flooring repairs

• Wall repairs and other building structures that have been damaged

• Roof, window and door repairs

• Debris and waste removal

• Furniture cleanup, restoration or removal

Drytek Restoration is a Licensed and Insured Water Restoration Company

Call (954) 242-1554 or (954) 701-7177

After we have secured all building openings, water removal is the next priority. The longer it remains, the worse the damage can get. This can lead to mold infestations and require expensive restorations of building structure, furniture and other belongings.

Drytek Restoration can help with storm damage repair and cleanup. Our certified emergency water removal technicians can be there in 40 minutes or less. Plus we offer a no-obligation, free estimate with no hidden costs to get you started right away. Over 10 years of experience with storm cleanup not only assures our Palm Beach County, Broward County, Miami Dade County, Martin County & St. Lucie County customers of quality work but we also have industry connections to help with all other restoration services.

Storm Damage Repair, Cleanup & Recovery by Certified IICRC Technicians

Drytek Restoration is a licensed, insured and bonded storm damage repair and cleanup service. This acts as a seal of approval and gives our customers total peace of mind. Excess moisture is bad enough, but when a home is flooded from a disaster like a hurricane, tornado, or heavy winds with rain, the situation can quickly get out of hand. There’s a reason why these incidents are among the most expensive problem homeowners can face.

Sewage backflows, floods and other sources of contaminated fluid usually can cause the worst damage. Dirty water is filled with different types of deadly substances, ranging from animal feces to chemical residues or even parasites. Viruses, Bacteria and fungi grow explosively in contaminated fluid, and severe health risks like salmonella and hepatitis are common in flood waters. Contact Drytek Restoration now (954) 242-1554 for a free storm damage repair and cleanup estimate in Florida.