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A/C Leak & Water Damage Repair Services

In the summer, your air conditioning unit is working almost non-stop to keep you and your home or business cool and comfortable. This can lead to breakdowns when you least want them, especially if you don't inspect or service your unit annually. That’s why it’s important to be on the lookout for any potential problems that might be developing. It can take weeks or even months to notice, but by that time it’s too late. Your air conditioning unit has the potential to cause water damage, if not properly maintained.

How do I repair A/C water damage?

Depending on the level of damage and what the causes are, repair tactics will vary. If you are only dealing with condensation or a small leakage of water, you might have caught the issue early enough to only need to replace some drywall, or, if you’re really lucky, allow the area dry out. If there is significant water damage, that can lead to things like damaged floorboards and wet ceilings.

Below are 7 common causes of water damage from your air conditioner:

• Clogged or disconnected drain

• Dirty condensate pump

• Clogged air filter

• Dirty evaporator coil

• Cracked drain pan

• Low refrigerant

• Condensation buildup within ductwork

These are the main causes of leaking AC units. Most of them are relatively minor repairs but all should be dealt with immediately, so schedule a repair with Drytek Restoration to make sure your property stays cool and dry.