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About the service

Bathroom & Shower Leak Repair Services

The bathroom is the location in your home with the most plumbing. Your bathtub, shower, and toilet add up to quite a few possibilities for potential leaks. Drytek Restoration offers a full list of bathroom and shower leak services that take care of the biggest and smallest issues your family can run into.

Bathroom shower repair

Everyone's had a shower or tub faucet that doesn't seem to ever get tight enough which results in a slight leak. Not only is the drip sound obnoxious, but this bathroom leak is also bad for the environment, as it wastes precious water. Drytek Restoration can help If you have a little leak like this one or a much bigger problem. Our certified technicians are equipped with almost every tool they could need to take care of bathroom shower repairs and any other major (or minor) plumbing leak issues.

If you spot a leak

During your monthly inspection (or regular use of your bathroom), you may spot a leak. When this occurs, don't panic. For big leaks where the water flow is significant, simply turn the water off and call Drytek Restoration. Smaller issues you may be able to take care of yourself by replacing a seal, tightening a faucet or even cleaning out a fixture but we can fully assess the situation and find ways to prevent the issue from occurring again.

Signs of a Leaky Shower Pan

• Moldy or missing caulking or grout

• Spaces between the floor, wall and tile

• Wet Sheetrock outside the shower

• Water leaking into a room below or a different location

• Damp or wet carpet

• Discolored areas next to the shower