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Fire Damage Restoration & Cleanup Services

In the instance of a sudden fire, a quick reaction can be life saving but the damages inflicted by the fire if not put out correctly can be devastating to your home or business. If the fire reaches a breaking point when firefighting efforts are involved, your property will likely suffer from not only fire and smoke damage but also a widespread  of water damage.

Even after the fire is doused and the smoke cleared, quick action is essential. Professional repairs made by our licensed technicians use state-the-art equipment and methods to carefully clean smoke from all contents and surfaces. A combination of HEPA positive and negative air scrubbers are used for the removal of airborne particles and microscopic particles unseen to the human eye.

Repairs made by non-trained fire technicians may result in future structural and chemical issues if not repaired correctly the first time. Drytek Restoration will clean all affected areas and document every step of our process for an easy insurance claim process.

To increase your chances of a complete recovery to your home or business to it's previous condition, call (954) 242-1554 as soon as possible.

•  Fire and Smoke Damage Remediation

•  Structural, Fire Restoration and Cleaning

•  Air Deodorization and Reconstruction