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Tackling flood damage to dwellings

"Although Hurricane Florence is gone, the destruction and damage remain. And hurricane season runs until Nov. 30, which means that the potential for serious flooding isn’t over. Add in autumn rains with rivers, streams and lakes possibly overflowing their banks, and homeowners may still have to contend with wet, soggy buildings and saturated personal property.

Dealing with flood damage in a dwelling is a bucket-list worst experience. There, that’s right out on the table. A home becomes a mess of such significance that it’s hard to see as a home; it’s a depressing mess that quickly becomes an emotional and logistical monster.

Surface water floods are daunting and potentially dangerous within which to conduct recovery. Any surface flood water is immediately considered Category 3 water, as defined by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). It’s often called “black water” and is described as “grossly contaminated” by IICRC, which sets standards for professional water damage restoration.

Yuck — now what? Flooring, walls, doors, personal effects, Grandma’s clock, the dog’s bed, sofas, beds, you name it, covered in gunk. Walls popping bursts of what appears to be mold, the air in the house thick enough to cut and smelling of the back corner of the basement. What’s to be done with it? No one has experience dealing with this, the insurance adjuster says no coverage, everyone in the neighborhood is in the same condition, and the next step is yours. What???

Thank goodness the most useful tools you will need to turn that “what” into action can be found within yourself: organization, understanding, elbow grease and a little dose of patience."

By Patrick D. Kelahan | October 03, 2018

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